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Crack the Code: 10-Question Cybersecurity Quiz to Evaluate Your Organization's Security Posture

Engage with prospects and help them understand their organizational risk and cybersecurity program using this quick quiz.

The quiz consists of 10 multiple-choice questions. At the end of the quiz, provide a score and a brief evaluation based on the prospect's answers.

  1. What is the primary focus of your organization's cybersecurity program?

    1. Protecting sensitive data

    2. Monitoring network traffic

    3. Ensuring business continuity

    4. All of the above

  2. How often does your organization conduct security awareness training for employees?

    1. Annually

    2. Quarterly

    3. Monthly

    4. We don't have security awareness training

  3. What type of cybersecurity framework does your organization follow?

    1. NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    2. ISO/IEC 27001

    3. CIS Critical Security Controls

    4. We don't follow a specific framework

  4. Does your organization have a dedicated cybersecurity team or individual responsible for managing cybersecurity risks?

    1. Yes, a dedicated team

    2. Yes, a single individual

    3. No, but it's part of the IT team's responsibilities

    4. No, we don't have anyone managing cybersecurity risks

  5. How frequently does your organization perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing?

    1. At least annually

    2. At least semi-annually

    3. At least quarterly

    4. We don't perform vulnerability assessments or penetration testing

  6. How does your organization manage software updates and patches?

    1. Automatically install updates and patches as they become available

    2. Manually review and install updates and patches on a regular basis

    3. Install updates and patches only when there's a known security risk

    4. We don't have a process for managing software updates and patches

  7. What type of authentication does your organization use for accessing critical systems and applications?

    1. Single-factor authentication

    2. Two-factor authentication

    3. Multi-factor authentication

    4. We don't have a standard authentication method

  8. How does your organization handle incidents and breaches?

    1. We have a well-defined incident response plan

    2. We respond to incidents on a case-by-case basis

    3. We only react to incidents when they cause significant disruption

    4. We don't have a plan for handling incidents and breaches

  9. Does your organization have a data backup and disaster recovery plan in place?

    1. Yes, we have a comprehensive plan in place and test it regularly

    2. Yes, we have a plan but don't test it regularly

    3. We have an informal plan that hasn't been documented or tested

    4. No, we don't have a data backup and disaster recovery plan

  10. How often does your organization review and update its cybersecurity policies and procedures?

    1. At least annually

    2. Every two years

    3. Only when major changes occur

    4. We don't review or update our cybersecurity policies and procedures


  • For each question, assign 3 points for the best answer (usually option "a" or "d"), 2 points for the second-best answer, 1 point for the third-best answer, and 0 points for the least favorable answer.

  • Add up the total points for all 10 questions.


  • 25 points or below: Your organization's cybersecurity posture needs significant improvement. It's crucial to prioritize security initiatives and invest in resources to better protect your organization.

  • 26-20 points: Your organization has some cybersecurity measures in place, but there is still room for improvement. Strengthening your security posture should be a priority to reduce risks and protect your organization from threats.

  • 21-30 points: Your organization has a moderate level of cybersecurity, but there are gaps that need to be addressed. Regularly reviewing and updating your security policies and procedures will help you stay ahead of emerging threats.

  • 31-40 points: Your organization has a strong cybersecurity program in place, but it's essential to remain vigilant and continuously improve. Keep up with the latest trends, maintain employee training, and regularly review your security posture to ensure ongoing protection.


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